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  • Kate Montgomery

Sonnet - Le Salon Vert Carouge, Geneva

Angela Wolney, Gallery Director writes 'Le Salon Vert is delighted to present its summer exhibition « Sonnet » which brings together three women artists and one artist couple. They take us on a poetic journey by using beauty as a path to investigate illusion, transience and fragility. When contemplating the artworks of Susanna Bauer, HIPKISS, Isabelle Menin and Kate Montgomery, time seems to stand still, at least for a while. Their unique artistic styles which are charged - due to the very individual and time-consuming work process - come up with features evoking a kind of baroque symbolism. Strange creatures, fragments of nature, bizarre flowers and timeless silent scenes may open to a darker interpretation. But the expression of melancholy, of a possible morbidity, invites us to take a closer look and to realize how through art we can find catharsis and serenity. 'Night Swim' on show 06/07/24 - 31/08/24 Le Salon Vert , Carouge, Geneva.

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