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Very pleased to have had two paintings shortlisted this year and this one 'Picture Window' is in Room 8 with a fantastic selection of a lot of super work, salon hung by Anne Desmet.

Selected from The Women's Art Collection Murray Edwards College Cambridge and The Imgram Collection of women and non-binary artists’ work, A Spirit Inside, takes its title from a 1920 letter Dora Carrington wrote to a friend, explaining her resistance to marriage. “To marry him would not make it any better, because one cannot change a spirit inside one” Pleased to say I have two paintings from the 1990's in this superb show at Compton Verney until September 1st 2024. This is the first 'Sea Wind'.

I am showing a selection of small Dry Points and Ink Drawings with Long& Ryle at Somerset House in LOPF 2024 21st - 24th March.

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